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farook 2007-07-29 · 14 years ago   2021-05-09 · 5 months ago

I am Start learn "Laravel" on the 10 Jan 2020 while I'm just start to see "how great of Laravel 7" see the video from youtube there are a ton of them(but mostly of them are made by India people) there are so many of a good video on youtube it is a little bit hard for me to understand India's accent but many many of the video made by India are great.

to generally speaking I do know "What on earth is Laravel" since the "5.x version" but I am not really pay attention on it much it is because the server or the share hosting that I rent in Thailand is very cheap(10 us per month) and it mostly NOT support laravel (They do support but you have to use an old version like 2.x) so to be on the safe side I will stick with "Codeigniter" up until now

by the time that I start to learn "how to make a website" I bought a lot and lot of Thai book which I don't even know why I keep on doing that but I did it again to me I think I am too "stupid" to read Thai book by the time when I just start to using internet on year 2007(by seriously study) my first computer I ever touch in my life was back in year 1998.

for me to learn "laravel" is fun if I can find some interested video or blog from the internet I always stop by and pay attention on it so maybe you guy should do it too it's fun to learn new thing. is great to stop by there some good free video about laravel for you to learn or "youtube" there are even more and there're all free if you just some body like me I have no job I don't have any money now so just keep on learn thing and hopefully this will give me some opportunities to give me a job.

Any way! if you ever see this page please notice that this page can be edit just login as Admin go to "About" menu then you can edit this page as you'd love to put text , picture or video

with respect

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  • post what's going on with myself on this website or about the script that maybe has change in during the periods of time
  • Add my Karaoke ,Photo, Video for later embed or share to the other people without me having to find from the different website because they're all in one place.

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